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If you look good, you feel good and can do great things!  The challenge is teams and organizations often lack the time and resources to put the effort into making their product look great.  Our team will work with clients to help them make a work of art so they will stand out among the crowd.


No matter the size of the project, it all starts with an idea then builds from there.  Building blocks represent each stage of our customer relationship starting with the initial meeting to strategic development, execution and follow-up.  Building Blocks also represent play and most of all fun.

Kevin is 20 year experienced professional in the sport and recreation field including his roles as Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and Director of Marketing and Events for the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA).  He is a graduate of York University (1996) and Humber College (1997).

He has been the leader in several grassroots activations over the years including Dodge Caravan Kids, McDonald’s STOP Program, 2011 MasterCard Memorial Cup FanFest. Maple Lodge Farms Hockey Festival, Pioneer Bonus Bucks OHL Loyalty Program, IBAO Goalie Assist Program, Tip Top Tailors Plays of the Week program and the Canadian Tire Events Team.  In addition to program development, Kevin has an extensive background in print and digital media including Hometown Hockey magazine to working on several video projects.

In 2016, Kevin started his own sports marketing firm The Building Blocks Group.  His clients include(d) U SPORTS, Guelph Gryphons, Laurier Golden Hawks, adidas, Grain Farmers of Ontario, Red Bull, Spalding, Maple Lodge Farms, Investors Group, McDonald's Restaurants of Guelph, Robson Technologies.  The Building Blocks Group developed the first province-wide University sponsorship with the Train With Grains program.

Kevin is also a Sport Marketing Program Instructor at Humber College.

Outside of work, Kevin is very active within the community and numerous charitable causes including Sick Kids Hospital, Trillium Gift of Life Network, The Organ Project, and the Alliston Ontario Early Years Centre.  Giving back and helping others is very important to Kevin and his family.

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Sponsor Program Development

Raising dollars for your business or event is always important but it takes a lot of time.  There are many companies looking to crack the market and willing to sponsor teams, events and organizations to help grow their business.  We listen and work with each client to ensure their goals and objectives are met  to help everyone win.

So many people and organizations want to run events but don’t realize the time involved in doing so.  Event management starts from building an idea to following through at the end of the event.  Our group will help people and organizations take their event from the ground up, one block at a time.


Our Strengths & Services

About Kevin Boston

We believe in giving back to our community and to charitable causes.


With so many knick-knacks and apparel companies out on the market, it is easy to find someone to throw a very inexpensive  product to a client.  Our job is to avoid going “cheap” by connecting your brand to the “right” product to make you look sharp and stand out.  Our team will build retail presence and sales through licensing programs, rights negotiations, market research and strategic consulting.

Keanan Allin Boston Fund

Event Management

David Branch
Ontario Hockey League

Kevin provided solid leadership and was the liaison between the League's Marketing Company CCMC Marketing and the member teams of the Ontario Hockey League.  Kevin ensured a smooth transition on several League programs like Team Rink Boards, In-Ice Logos, Event Nights and Web Advertising.  Kevin was instrumental in assisting CCMC with Sponsorship client servicing while fostering and building relationships with regional advertising partners.

He carried out his duties in a professional manner and was successful in implementing various League-wide programs which resulted in increased revenues to the League.  For example, Kevin was the leader in setting up an on-line merchandise store for the OHL which resulted in increased revenues to the teams as well.  Kevin interacted well with clients and was reliable and showed good judgement when dealing with teams and clients.

Tom Hedican
Professional Goaltending Consultant,
Europe, Canada, USA
Founder, Coach4Food
Honorary Colonel, 51 Squadron, 22 Wing, North Bay.

After working with Kevin I wanted to let others know how professional, positive, hard working and sincere he is as a man.

My Coach4Food Program, which has been endorsed by everyone from rock superstar Bruce Springsteen to Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold medal winning coach Ken Hitchcock, was eyeing expansion around Ontario.

With Kevin's vision and leadership, it expanded to virtually every market in the Ontario Hockey League.  It went from raising several hundred thousand pounds of food for food banks in Ontario and New Jersey, to more than 1.3 million pounds. Without Kevin, this would not have happened.

I would encourage anyone to align themselves with this true visionary.

Joe Kim
Director of Communications, Canadian Mental Health Association (Ontario)

Our campaign would not have been a success had it not been for the dedication and commitment that Kevin brought to the table. He took the time to listen and collaborate with us as we created meaningful communications/marketing outcomes for a variety of audiences. 

Jim Payetta
President at Bluesky Business Development

Kevin is a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail coupled with an outgoing personality and creative thinking ability makes him a great asset to any organization.

Charles Mellilo
Senior Vice President at NeuLion

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a number of projects and initiatives while he at the OHL. Kevin is very forward thinking with strong instincts. He was always responsive and very diligent. His attention to detail was great, and was someone I could count on to get things done. 

Glenn MacDonell
President & CEO at Special Olympics Ontario

Kevin is a competent and personable individual who I found a pleasure to work with. 

LouAnn Gosselin
Head of Communications at Chrysler Canada

I worked with Kevin while he was at OMHA. He was instrumental in the development and execution of our widely successful Caravan Kids national hockey program, which is now in its 10th year. He grew the program exponentially from year to year due to his pro-active nature, was always pleasant to work with and easily adapted to changes. Any team would benefit from Kevin - he is a pleasure to work with and always represents himself with professionalismType your paragraph here.

Sal Caggiula
Director, Customer Service at adidas Group Canada

I have been fortunate enough to work with Kevin on several occasions during my time at Sun Media and further to that as a minor hockey coach seeinging him in action. Kevin is a conscientious, committed and loyal person who you can trust and rely on at anytime of the day. No issue is too big and always finds time to do the little things above and beyond. He's a great person, good soul and fun to work with.

Rick Radovski
Corporate Partnership & Sponsorship Sales Executive

Kevin played an integral role in the planning of the 2011 MasterCard Memorial Cup in Mississauga in his role of Manager, Memorial Cup Fan Fest. A very important aspect of the overall event, Kevin planned a 10 day entertainment festival ranging from live musical acts, guest speakers, and interactive displays experienced by over 30,000 attendees. His event experience, attention to detail, and creativity was crucial to the overall success of the Memorial Cup.

Graphic Design and Video Production