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Raising dollars for your business or event is always important but it takes a lot of time.  There are many companies looking to crack the market and willing to sponsor teams, events and organizations to help grow their business.  Our team will help develop strategies and programs to help everyone win.


Teams and organizations are always looking to increase attendance to drive revenue but often don’t allocate the resources behind it.  Our team will help analyze your ticketing practices and look at building solutions to help you sell out your next event.


With so many knick-knacks and apparel companies out on the market, it is easy to find someone to throw a very inexpensive  product to a client.  Our job is to avoid going “cheap” by connecting your brand to the “right” product to make you look sharp and stand out.  Our team will build retail presence and sales through licensing programs, rights negotiations, market research and strategic consulting.

If you look good, you feel good and can do great things!  The challenge is teams and organizations often lack the time and resources to put the effort into making their product look great.  Our team will work with clients to help them make a work of art so they will stand out among the crowd.


So many people and organizations want to run events but don’t realize the time involved in doing so.  Event management starts from building an idea to following through at the end of the event.  Our group will help people and organizations take their event from the ground up, one block at a time.

This is an all-encompassing term that includes engaging your brand on media (digital or television) to media training for teams and organizations.  With our vast network within the media industry, we will help you ensure that your people are ready for when the media comes knocking.

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